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Twenty First Century Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd

Twenty First Century Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd

  • Twenty First Century Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd


Twenty First Century Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd (21AT)

The company was founded in 2001, which is a space remote sensing big data service provider for both Chinese and global customers, and also a pioneer in China's commercial space satellite remote sensing.

The company’s self-developed remote sensing satellite intelligence observation and acquisition technology can efficiently obtain high-quality image data and form a standardized remote sensing image big data product. The company develops independent algorithms, models and software systems to form the comprehensive application service capacity of spatial information through large-scale automatic processing of remote sensing images, intelligent interpretation and analysis and flexible production of products.

The company implements the coordinated development strategy all over the world, which has established R & D centers and business institutions in North America, Asia Pacific, and many other regions and also domestic provinces and cities. The company has products and services all over the world, and has established a well-known "Beijing series" remote sensing satellite and application service brand at home and abroad.

The company will deeply integrate new-generation satellite technology with artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and high-speed mobile internet technology, coordinate the world’s major earth observation data, develop and build a large data application platform for spatial information, and provide comprehensive application services and solutions for major national needs such as the modernization of the national governance system and governance capabilities, resource and environmental monitoring and management, national security and the construction of the national economy.

We are observing the changes on the earth every day, and through our own technology and capabilities, we can provide decision makers and users with more real-time, accurate and convenient spatial information services. The widespread application of spatial information and big data will definitely change people's life and production methods, and better serve human livability, ecological civilization and global sustainable development.

We are committed to every subtle changes of our planet!

Remote sensing makes the earth better!

Tomorrow will be better!