ACRS 2021
CHEN Shupeng Award

CHEN Shupeng Award

  • CHEN Shupeng Award

Each year, the award will be given to one person who had great contribution to AARS and/or ACRS. His/her travel expenses up to 2000USD for attending the coming ACRS will be covered in this Award.

1.    Purpose
AARS or ACRS’s success is depended on the great efforts from AARS members and ACRS attendees. Though they retire, their great contributions to AARS or ACRS will be always remembered. This Award’s purpose is to recognize, honor and reward their outstanding contributions to AARS and/or ACRS, and provides opportunity and travel expenses for them attending the coming ACRS and returning back to AARS family once again.

2.    Application/Nomination
Each year, each AARS memberships and Secretary General could nominate one person, who has retired and had great contributions to AARS or ACRS. The person, who has got nomination from AARS memberships and Secretary General, would be invited to make application for this award and send the completed application form to Chinese National Committee for Remote Sensing (CNCRS), by e-mail:

3.    Evaluation
The AARS Foundation Board will choose one person as the winner from the applicants.
AARS Foundation Board
Chair: Prof. Gu Xingfa
Members: Prof. Shunji Murai
         Prof. Kohei Cho
         Dr. Nguyen Dinh Duong
         Prof. Wang Jinnian
Secretary: Ms. Chiwako Fujino
         Ms. Wu Jie

4.    Prize
The winner will be granted travel expenses up to 2000USD to attend the coming ACRS. The prize will be supported by Chinese National Committee for Remote Sensing (CNCRS). And the winner will be invited to participate, and also conference registration fee will be waived.

5.    Presentation
The winner will be announced on two months before the conference, He/she will be granted the certificate of CHEN Shupeng Award and the travel expenses during ACRS opening ceremony.

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