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Shunji Murai Award

Shunji Murai Award

  • Shunji Murai Award

Shunji Murai Award

The Shunji Murai Award is open to young scientists who submit excellent papers to the Asian Conference on Remote Sensing (ACRS). The prize for the winning author shall be a certificate and financial support for travel to the ACRS.

1.    The author shall be younger than 40 years old.
2.    The author shall be from an AARS Ordinary Member country or region.
3.    The paper shall have no more than three co-authors. Only the first-listed author will be considered for the Award.
4.    The paper must be 10 pages or less including figures, tables and images.

5.    The author should submit the full paper to the secretariat of the forthcoming ACRS by the deadline and obtain a confirmation letter.
6.    The paper and the award application form, including the Curriculum Vitae (CV) of the first author should also be sent to the office of the Japan Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (JSPRS), by e-mail to, no later than the deadline date of full paper submission. A paper arriving after the deadline date will not be considered for the Award.
7.    The Jury will select one excellent paper as the Award winner. The winner will be announced by the General Secretary in advance of the ACRS.

Other Requirements:
8.    The awardee must present the winning paper at the ACRS. Where the conference is a physical meeting, as opposed to on-line only, the awardee must also attend the ACRS.
9.    The winner will be presented with the Shunji Murai Award, along with the travel support payment, at the ACRS Opening Ceremony.
10.    The travel support, generously provided by the Japan Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (JSPRS), is $US 1000.

Jury: The Award winner will be selected by the Evaluation Committee with four to seven prominent professionals from AARS Ordinary Members and Associate Members.
Evaluation Committee:
Chair:    Emeritus Professor Ryutaro Tateishi, Chiba University, Japan Members:
Emeritus Professor Armin Gruen, ETH, Switzerland Professor Clive Fraser, Melbourne University, Australia
Dr. Dinh Duong Nguyen, Vietnam Academy of Sience and Technology, Vietnam Professor Junichi Susaki, Kyoto University, Japan
Prof. Peter Shih, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, China Taipei Dr. Mitsunori Yoshimura, the University of Tokyo, Japan

Schedule for 2021:
Deadline of abstract submission: August 15, 2021
Deadline of paper & application form submission: September 20, 2021 Announcement of the winner: October 20, 2021
Award presentation: November 22, 2021

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