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Can Tho is the largest city of the magnificent Mekong Delta in the south of Vietnam. Famous for it's captivating floating markets, beautiful temples and delicious food, Can Tho is a great starting point for discovering the maze of waterways that makes up the Mekong Delta. This is a rich land with beautiful scenery including colorful fruit trees all year round.

Can Tho University (CTU), an important state higher education institution in the MD, is the cultural, scientific and technical center of the MD and Vietnam. CTU has got over 2.000 staff members including nearly 1.200 teaching staff and 800 supporting staff. From a university with a few fields of study at the beginning, it has developed into a multidisciplinary university. Currently, it has nearly 100 undergraduates, 36 Master and 15 Doctoral training programs. Every year CTU receives students on internship programs from the U.S, Belgium, Japan and so on, or under agreements between their universities and CTU.