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  • VidaGIS


VidaGIS is the leader in Vietnam in spatial data management:  Map, GIS database and Satellite image, GIS software, AMS software, SDI – Spatial Data Infrastructure. Founded in 2003, VidaGIS focus on GIS and EAMS, we help you build and manage great information both GIS and enterprise assets by providing our products: spatial data, GIS softwares, Aktivmap and SDI and our GIS/AMS services on Cloud.
Currently, our solutions, services have been used by many the Government agencies, municipal bodies, international organizations, companies, research institutes and universities in Vietnam and abroad.


Map & GIS Database

We provide a wide range of services related to mapping, data standardi- zation, data conversion, data integration, map design and visual in MXD and SLD, GIS database design and establish, spatial data service design (WMS, WFS, vector-tile).
Satellite Image, DSM & DTM

We provide high resolution satellite images up to 0.5m, DSM and DTM up to 0.1m, perfect for facility and infrastructure management such as water supply, waste, public lighting,  green  area, electric and telecom. Integrate satellite image to our system Aktivmap and SDI is just a click!

GIS software & services

We provide WebGIS and mobile GIS developing service, and now Cloud- GIS also. You  could  bene@t  from our system: GIS data store, beautiful map visual, @eld data collect, data sharing and analytics.

Aktivmap - an EAMS

Aktivmap is a GIS-centric enterprise asset management system (EAMS) platform for enterprise. Aktivmap helps manage, track, and analyze your infrastructure assets, machines and equipments for the whole life circle of assets from plan, purchase, installation, operation, maintenance until replace or disposal. All information you could visual on map easily and intuitively.

SDI - Software & Services
SDI standing for Spatial Data Infrastructure, allow us to build a platform to store, manage, sharing spatial data and other documents, data, infor- mation… eAectually and in advance way. We could integrate SDI with GIS, Aktivmap for cities, enterprise.

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